Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life in Boston... in pictures

Because we've lived here for more than three months now (can you believe it!? time flies!) I haven't documented much, but do have some pictures of some of what we've been up to lately.

We went to several Red Sox games:

(The first game we saw we lost to the Blue Jays... booo...)

The second game we got to see a bench-clearing fight against the Rays. We also got poured on. $1 CVS ponchos for the win!

(And our seats were pretty dang good.)

I went on a business trip to Kentucky to train for my new work-from-home position and met one of my trainer's friends who took me for a spin on his bike:

Nick went on a (long) business trip to Chicago to train for his new position. While he was on the airplane I was checking myself into the hospital - long, boring story - it turned out that I was completely fine and I was only there for a few hours.

I went to the beach with my best friend - who I miss and needs to come back to Boston because I didn't spend nearly enough time with her.

We went to another Red Sox game against the White Sox, where I betrayed my home town by wearing my Boston hat. Sorry Chicago! I was also sad because right before that game the Red Sox released AJ Pierzynski, previously the catcher for the White Sox who helped them win the World Series in 2005. With him I lost my hope of rooting for both teams at once and called it quits on the Chicago Sox for now. This game was awesome because we came back to win and it broke a seriously long losing streak for the Red Sox.

Also, after this game marked a moment when I realized I actually looked pregnant - a girl about my age offered me her seat on the train.

We spent several weekends up in Maine on the beach, the lake, and hanging out with family.

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? And this whole time we've both been working and going to church and taking care of the little rugrat in my belly. We've been pretty busy but we're enjoying life together!

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