Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Downtown Boston & Salem

My parents came out to visit this last month and we were able to see some sights with them. I walked the Freedom Trail with them one day and the next we went to Salem, Massachusetts. It was so awesome to have them here, show them some of our favorite things downtown and walk around a new place with them. Here are some pictures from their trip!

In front of Paul Revere's statue by the Old North Church.

Sunken headstones at the cemetery

We placed pennies on top of Paul Revere's grave - supposedly it will bring you fortune!

At the Holocaust Memorial near Faneuil Hall and Haymarket Square.

The Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

In front of the Bunker Hill Monument at the end of the Freedom Trail.

Nick was able to join us on Saturday when we visited Salem. Turns out there's more to Salem than the dark history that is always written about it.

On the Friendship of Salem - a working sailboat docked in the harbor that is manned by National Park rangers.

Ahoy! It was also our 2nd anniversary and my dad treated us to a really nice lunch on the bay. We had crab sandwiches and fish & chips.

Beautiful day on the ocean!

Sometimes I think I'm really funny... there's a lot of kitschy witch stuff in Salem. Even pregnant witches!

Come back soon!

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