Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Trip to Boston: Part 2

Before we went to see the Red Sox play the Yankees on Saturday, we spent the morning hanging out and exploring with Dennis, Steve, Carlie, and Sam.  We walked around Boylston Street and wandered around the Boston Public Library. We loved the old parts of the library that looked like Hogwartz and I especially liked a reading room that reminded me of The Music Man.

Marion the Librarian

Nick in a room filled with locked cabinets with first edition books
After exploring, we rode the train down to Yawkey Way to go to Fenway! People say going into Fenway Park for the first time is magical, and they are so totally right. I have always loved baseball and being at the ballpark, and it was awesome to step back into time when you walk through the gate at Fenway. I love the look and feel of such an old and historic ballpark.

No big deal, just Big Papi hitting a homerun.

It was a great afternoon. It was wicked hot, but I got a box of Cracker Jack, sang Sweet Caroline with my husband, and watched the Red Sox whoop the Yankees. Great day.

Our seats in center field right below the massive video board.
The Guerrette's at Fenway!

The aftermath of a long day of walking and sitting in the sun.
On Sunday, we went to Steve and Carlie's ward and ate dinner with them and the family they lived with for the summer. The next day we were all by ourselves to explore the city!

We started the day by picking up where we had stopped on the Freedom Trail. We stopped by Mike's Pastry for some treats :) While we ate, we read about the Paul Revere house and it is amazing that it is still standing for being so old!

Whoopie pies!
Mike's Pastry classic cannoli
Our next stop on the Freedom Trail was the Old North Church, on the way there is a massive statue of Paul Revere's Ride. One if by land, two if by sea...

The Old North Church was pretty cool because they use it still to this day and people used to buy the boxes they sat in and even decorated them. It would be like upholstering and customizing your pew at church, kind of silly, if you ask me. After the church, we headed down to a cemetery where lots of old graves lie, especially those of the dead Masons. The sideways gravestones kind of creeped me out.

Graveyard straight out of a horror movie!
Then our last stop on the trail (we barely made it to Bunker Hill, so I'm not sure that counts) was the U.S.S. Constitution. It's the oldest functioning warship - we got to see it from the dock, but there was some sort of naval event going on and they wouldn't let anyone take tours inside the ship, which was a bummer. We did get to go in the museum and poke around and see all of their artifacts.

I loved this picture (on the wall behind me) of the women who made the chains for the warships, showing off the smallest and largest sizes they make.

'Old Ironsides'
After resting our feet and eating a late lunch, we realized it was our last full day in Boston, and that we really wanted to fit in one more thing - a tour of Fenway Park! We tried to go before the Yankees game, but it sold out very early in the morning. We looked up when the last tour was and when they stopped selling tickets, and realized we had about 30 minutes to make it back to Fenway, and we were all the way across the city! We ran to the nearest train station and rode all the way to Yawkey Way, and I had Nick run to the box office from the station to get us tickets in time. We made it into the last tour of the day! And we were so glad we did it. We waited for the tour to start under the air conditioning in the gift shop, and then followed our guides into the historic Fenway Park.

The view from the original seats in Fenway

On top of the Green Monster!
 Our guide walked us through the main concourse behind home plate, up to the next level, and straight onto the Green Monster. It was so awesome! One day Nick and I hope to sit in those seats and watch a Red Sox game. What a view!

Our guide then took us up to the press boxes, where all the famous announcers broadcast from. I loved seeing where Matt Damon sat when they filmed 'Moneyball' and Nick loved seeing where ESPN and NESN broadcasted from.

These two pictures are hanging in the hallway on your way to the press boxes. They are shots from when the Red Sox last won the World Series. There were newspaper clippings, photos, and memorabilia all over the place - there is even a private cafeteria!

After our tour ended, they let us come back in the park for free to watch the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team play the Boston First Responders. It was amazing to see a group of heroes play on that field. It was also pretty cool see some of those guys hit a softball off of the Green Monster too!

It was a long vacation, and we decided to splurge on ordering room service before we left. We opted to share some New England Crab Cakes and we got some goodies from the 7-11 down the road to make it a proper meal :)

Nick saying goodbye to our fancy hotel room
Our last morning before we flew out we left our bags with the concierge and went exploring. Our last stop before we flew back out to Salt Lake was Harvard. We walked around and weren't super impressed with the campus (am I biased that I think BYU is prettier?). I would love for someone who knows the good spots to show us where to go, but we just walked around for a while until we saw the admissions office, and had to show some BYU pride!

Overall, we loved our first real vacation together. We fit so much into a week and I loved seeing the city. I looked forward to the trip all summer, and it was so worth it!

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