Monday, September 2, 2013

Our trip to Boston: Part 1

So this whole post about our trip to Boston will be mostly pictures, sorry, not sorry. We had so much fun taking off from work and celebrating our anniversary and also taking our first summer vacation. It gave us something to look forward to for months and was completely worth it!

We flew out on Tuesday night with the red-eye to Boston. We had a connection in North Carolina and had fun walking around the airport. If it wasn't 4 am (our time) I would have eaten some Carolina BBQ! We made it to Boston and had lunch with Steve and Carlie and checked into our hotel. Nick let them know it was our anniversary and they upgraded our room. The hotel was really nice and we felt a little out-of-place in our shorts and sneakers. But it was fun to be spoiled for a few days. :)

The day we got there we spent the afternoon walking around the city near our hotel, learning the subway system, and orienting ourselves. Then we took a much-needed nap and ate hors 'douevres with our fancy friends in the hotel. Just kidding, it was just Nick and I eating chips and salsa and a bunch of rich ladies at a table by us. We got food at a little market by our hotel and ate dinner and walked around exploring a little bit.

Our view of the South side of the city from our room on the 15th floor.

Funny story - Nick was in the bathroom and I heard a knock on the door, when I answered it a Room Service lady brought in this tray. I wasn't expecting it, so I totally forgot to tip her and was caught completely off-guard. It was the compliments of the hotel since we were celebrating our anniversary. Upon closer inspection, it was a bottle of champagne... I felt so awkward calling Room Service to send it back, saying, "That was really nice of you, but we don't drink alcohol, do you have any Martinelli's?" The lady thought I was crazy sending back a free bottle of booze! They were super nice though and brought us some bottled water to toast with in our champagne glasses.

On Thursday, Nick's family came down from Maine to hang out with us. We visited the Boston Science Museum and spent about 6 hours there. There were a lot of little kids, but I felt a lot like a kid, too. We saw a lightning show, laid on a nail of beds, played with Pixar animation, all sorts of stuff. After that we went to Faneuil Hall, walked part of the Freedom Trail, and ate dinner at Quincy Market. I really liked Quincy Market because they had so many things there, but it was CHAOTIC. We watched street performers and bought some New England swag at one of the sports shops. 


Eating at Quincy Market
The next day we got up and walked Newbury street down to Fenway Park. We made a pit stop at one of my favorite clothing stores - Johnny Cupcakes! I've followed them online since high school and loved going into their bake shop themed store. We picked up some stickers - Nick thought the Big Papi one was pretty funny.

We also walked through Niketown and stopped at a store where the whole front display was made of vintage sewing machines - there were hundreds!

The swoosh is made up of  sneakers!

Next stop was Fenway Park. It was awesome! We walked around Yawkey Way and the team store and Nick rattled off his years of Red Sox stats and facts for me. Just seeing how old the park was is so amazing, and I especially like learning about how cool Ted Williams is.

...and my eyes are closed.

Then later that night we drove out to Foxborough to hit up Patriot Place and see a Patriots pre-season game! We were spoiled and got second row seats behind the Buccaneers; sideline. I've never been to an NFL game, and it was crazy! There were so many people there, and it was cool to see the players in person that I've watched on television.

We were some of the first people into the stadium to watch the players warm up!

Oh hey there, Tim Tebow.

Oh hey there, Tom Brady.

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  1. looks like you guys had lots of fun!! cant wait to read part 2:)