Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine's Day / 6-month Anniversary

We decided since our 6-month anniversary wasn't that far from Valentine's day that we would celebrate them together! On our actual anniversary we added a plant to our little family, and I love it!
Our love fern.
We exchanged gifts the night before Valentine's Day... we're really impatient. I made Nick a ticket stub journal starting with a Tangled ticket, baseball game tickets, and other events we've been to in the last two years, including our wedding invitation. He gave me loads of chocolate with a funny card and my surprise... tickets to see Cinderella by the Ballet West Company in Salt Lake the next day!

After school and work on Valentine's Day, we got all dressed up to go to the ballet. We made a stop for dinner somewhere I haven't been in years - Culver's! It's a Midwest restaurant chain with tasty burgers and amazing frozen custard.

After that, we finished the drive to Salt Lake and went to the Capitol Theatre to see the show. (What Nick didn't know was that the Ballet West company actually had its own reality show last year, and that I watched every episode - so I knew some of the dancers already.) It was so great! It was three acts (and about three hours) long, so Nick really is a saint for taking me. The stepsisters were actually huge guy dancers, which made it so funny. I love watching ballet and I'm glad this guy will stick it out with me! :)
Breaking Pointe - the TV show

Cinderella and her step-sisters

Cinderella and her fairy godmother

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