Thursday, November 29, 2012

October and November

We've been going to the family history class at church and have been loving it! We started putting our family tree together and even took a little field trip with our class to the temple to do baptisms. Below is a picture of me doing family history, reading the census records on our TV and inputting information into my laptop. One screen wasn't enough! We decided to document this great moment for future generations.

I hosted a craft night at our apartment with some friends and enjoyed putting my Pinterest boards to some use. I made a book of our wedding cards and these cute dessert plates. Unfortunately, the baked-on Sharpie did not hold up to the kitchen sponge. Pinterest fail - but I tried!

We finally got a calling in our married ward! We are the ward building coordinators. Basically, every three months we have to tell people to come help clean the church. And we get to attend snowblower training! Kind of a big deal.

We also celebrated our 3-month anniversary! After work and school, we went out for dinner at Noodles & Company. Then we went to the first BYU Basketball game of the season and watched our Cougars bring in their first win. After the game, Nick took me to see Wreck-It Ralph, which I had been dying to see. I loved it! Then we came back to find that the blizzard that had been going on all day had knocked out our power in our apartment. It was pretty funny when we were trying to find the flashlights we bought for emergencies... and then we didn't remember where we put them.

And our biggest event this month was our trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving! We drove over night and spent four days with all of Nick's family and also my brother's family and my mom and dad! We had a lot of fun playing poker, shopping, eating, watching Red Dawn, playing with our nieces, having a barbeque, making smores, watching lots of football, playing kickball, and taking family pictures. We spent the holiday with about 50 other family members - it's crazy how big our families are! I also got to pick out everything for our wedding quilt with my Mom. It was our bonding time as we waited in a huge Black Friday line at the fabric store. I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

We also met our new niece Elsie! She's a doll and the other three girls just loved jumping on and playing with their Uncle Nick.


We also welcomed a new addition to the family... Steve proposed to Carlie! We're so excited to welcome her into the family. She already felt like a part of it, with all of the intramural football games we've sat at together. So, I guess this family picture makes a little more sense now that there's a ring on her finger. :)

We had a lot of fun on our trip - ignoring the fact that we almost hit an elk in a National Forest somewhere in Arizona. We stopped at a cute gas station in the town of Fredonia... and we met Mater. So I can cross that one off my bucket list. It's been a good couple of months!

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  1. Ah...I like this :) I'm happy to be part of the family! And I'm sorry the plates didn't work! Pinterest fail haha!